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Philosophy Optional By Dr. Ambuj Srivastava

This is a universal fact that the job profile of civil services in India is most prestigious, dignified and skilled. That’s why the common dream of all rational youths is to crack civil services examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission.

Test Series Programme

Discussion, Model Answers & Doubt Clearance Session will be provided for after each Test.

Classroom Programme

Philosophy (Optional) Classroom Programme (100% Coverage of Syllabus)

Study Material

Full Syllabus Covered (Paper 1 & 2) and It includes the relevant topics as per examination point of view.

Philosophy Optional : Topics to Study

Western Philosophy | Indian Philosophy | Socio-Political Philosophy | Philosophy of Religion

If you look in the dictionary you will discover that the philosophy is derived from two words – philos and sophia that means – Love of Knowledge. So in principle, any area of human concern can become the subject of philosophical interest. Originally philosophers were interested in everything. And that’s why one can see the diversity in the syllabus of philosophy.

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Philosophy Classroom Programme Details

  • UPSC/IAS Main Philosophy (Optional) Coaching
  • Focus on concept building and analysis of the topics (Philosophy).
  • Superlative preparation of all four sections of the subject.
  • Well crafted Pre and Post class study material for Philosophy(Optional).
  • Regular class tests to improve answer writing skills for IAS Philosophy(Optional) Best Preparation.

Philosophy Optional Target 300+ Programme

Programme Importance

  • writing answers and getting your answers checked regularly is really important for getting a respectable score.
  • It improves your writing skills, presentation and time management.
  • Remember that you get marks on the basis of what you write and not one the basis of your knowledge.
  • Enough related knowledge, but failure in way of presenting, it can not let you score really well.
  • Sooner you start, more answers you write, increased are the chances of scoring high.

IAS – 2020 Mains

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