Programme Importance

  • writing answers and getting your answers checked regularly is really important for getting a respectable score.
  • It improves your writing skills, presentation and time management.
  • Remember that you get marks on the basis of what you write and not one the basis of your knowledge.
  • Enough related knowledge, but failure in way of presenting, it can not let you score really well.
  • Sooner you start, more answers you write, increased are the chances of scoring high.

Duration  40 Days

Fee Details : Rs. 30000/-  (Including Test Series)
Commencement    Soon after CS Preliminary examination.


  • Preparation of 250 question in 30 days.
  • With proper model answers that can be presented as such by the student.
  • Minimum 5 questions from each unit of syllabus.
  • Special focus on comparative and questions interlinking units.
  • Questions put up by the students will also be entertained apart from scheduled ones.

Who Should join this course  Students who have completed their course of optional subject.

Hyderabad Centre

  • Live online Classes are available.
  • Questions from both the centres would be entertained.

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