About Philosophy

About Philosophy

If you look in the dictionary you will discover that the philosophy is derived from two words – philos and sophia, that means – Love of Knowledge. So in principle, any area of human concern can become the subject of philosophical interest. Originally philosophers were interested in everything. And that’s why one can see the diversity in the syllabus of philosophy.

A Parental Subject

Love of Knowledge

No Knowledge without Rationality

One and Only Rational Being is Human Being

Directly to Human Problems

Diversity in Human Problems

Diversity in Syllabus of Philosophy:
↳Mathematical Philosophy, Scientific Philosophy,
Rational Philosophy, Empirical Philosophy &
Critical Philosophy
↳Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy &
Religious Philosophy
↳Indian Philosophy & Western Philosophy


Related to all Subjects

Science-science of the Sciences

Comman Man-violation Tendency in Reason

Geo-Geo. Condition Defines Philosophycal Apporach

Environment and Ecology-sustainable Development

Psychology- be and ought to be

Management- Applied form

Commerce-can and ought to be

Every subject has its own philosophy

Second order function

Normative subject

Deep study

Maturity needed

Degree of Ph.D. after research in any subject

Mains Branches of Philosophy