Philosophy Test Series – 2013 Questions

Indian Philosophy Test Series: Paper-I

Part-I (Write your Answer in 100 Words)

Question 1:

  • Headonistic ethics of Cârvâka.
  • Apohavâda.
  • Vijñaptimâtratâ.
  • Ananatadharmakam vastu
  • Triguna nature of Prakriti.

Question 2: Describe the implications of restricted epistemology of Carvaka.

“Although Pratityasamutpada is related with the distress of this life but it proves the rebirths as well.” Answer with arguement. In which reference the word ‘Bahaanumeyavada is used in Indian Philosophy and it indicates towards which modern western Philosopher’.

  • Cittabumis.
  • Sunyavada is a middle path between eternity and nihilism. Give Arguement.
  • Samadhi in Yoga Philosophy.

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