Philosophy Of Religion An Introduction: What Is Religion? What Is Philosophy? What Is Philosophy Of Religion? Difference Between Philosophy Of Religion And Theology. Utility Of Philosophy Of Religion.

God As A Basic Problem Of Philosophy Of Religion: Meaning Of Existence Of God, Cosmological Argument, Teleological Argument, Moral Argument Of Kant, Argument Of Religious Experiences, Ontological Argument And Their Evaluation, Discussion Over The Attributes Of God, Proofs Against The Existence Of God And Their Evaluation.

Problem Of Evil: What Is Evil? Types Of Evil Clarification Of Problem Of Evil, Discussion And Evaluation Of Different Solutions Of Problem Of Evil.

Immortality Of Soul, Rebirth And Liberation: What Is Soul? Different Types Of Immortality, Evaluation Of Arguments Given By Various Thinkers For And Against Immortality, Rebirth And Its Possibility. Meaning And Types Of Liberation. Detail Discussion Over Different Paths Of Liberation.

Religious Experience, Religious Knowledge And Religious Language: What Is Religious Experience? How It Is Different From Other Experiences? Discussion Over Factuality Of Religious Experience, Importance Of Reason, Revelation And Faith As The Means Of Religious Knowledge, Discussion Over The Mystical Features Of Religious Knowledge. What Is Religious Language? Analogical And Symbolic Theories And Cognitivist And Non-cognitivist Opinions In Respect Of Religious Language.

Religion Without God: Is Religion Without God Possible? Buddhism, Jainism And Humanism As Such Religion, Are These Religions Actually Without God? Critical Examination Of Arguments For And Against.

Religion And Morality: What Is Religion? What Is Morality, Discussions Over Questions Like, Is Religion The Basis Of Morality? Are They Complementary To Each Other? Is Religion Hurdle In Morality? Is Morality Necessary For Religion?

Religious Plurality And Problem Of Absolute Truth: Different Faiths Claiming The Truth, Structure Of Religious Plurality, Different Solutions Of Concept And “A Religion”.

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