Socio-Political Philosophy

Introduction Of Socio-political Philosophy
What Is Society? Sociology And Social Philosophy. Political Science And Political Philosophy. Definition, Nature And Scope Of Socio-political Philosophy.

Equality, Freedom And Justice As Socio-political Ideals:
European Renaissence And Political Ideals. Necessity Of Equality, It’s Philosophical Meaning And Various Dimensions. Negative And Positive Meanings Of Freedom And It’s Various Dimensions, Justice And It’s Changing Approach, Thoughts Of Plato, Aristotle And Different Features Of Justice As A Modern Socio-political Ideals.

Sovereignty As An Integral Part Of State:
Meaning, Features And Types Of Sovereignty, Evaluation Of Singular Sovereignty Of Bodin And Legal Soveveignty Of Austin. Pluralistic Sovereignty Of Laski And Kautilya’s Concept Of Sovereiglty.

Rights, Duties And Accountability As Relation Between Individual And State:
Individualistic, Idealistic, Anarchist, Totalitarian And Socialistic Approaches Regarding Relation Between Individual And State. Rights And Its Theories And Relation With Duties. Accountability And Concerning Problems.

Forms Of Government:
Theocracy It’s Features And Causes Of Declination, Causes Behind The Rise Of Monarchy And It’s Positive And Negative Outcomes. Meaning, Definition, Types, Ideals And Merits-demeits Of Democracy. Necessary And Sufficient Conditions For Democracy. Democracy As A Life-style.

Political Ideologies:
What Is Socialism? Developing And Revolutionary Socialism And Merits-demerits Of Socialism. Sources Of Marxism, Process, Objectives, Theories And Evaluation Of Marxism And Its Comparision With Socialism. Anarchism And Its Basic Features And Marxist, Terrorist And Non-violent Or Moral Anarchism.

Conceptual Study Of Humanism Secularism And Multiculturism:
Rise Of These Thoughts, Metaphyisical And Epistemological Approaches Of Humanism And It’s Different Types. Origin Meaning And Basic Features Of Secularism And Characteristics Of A Secular State. Culture, It’s Features, Cultural Diversity And It’s Reasons.

Crime And Punishment:
Their Necessity In Philosophy. What Is Crime? Corruption, Mass Violence, Genocide And Different Theories Of Punishment And Evaluation Of Capital Punishment.

Development And Social Progress:
What Is Development? Necessity Of Scientific Temper And It’s Positive And Negative Outcomes. Features And Conditions Of Progress And It’s Comparision With Development. Discussion Over The Question That Have We Actually Done The Progress?

Gender-discrimination And Gender Inequality:
Difference Between Gender And Sex, Gender Inequality And It’s Instances, Nature And Bases Of Gender Equality. Study Of Gender Inequality In Respect Of Indian Society And Efforts For Women Empowerment.

Caste-discrimination And Gandhi And Ambedkar:
Gandhian Sarvodaya Darshan As A Better Socialism And Better Option Of Revolution. Life History Of Ambedkar And Comarision Of Gandhi And Ambedkar On Caste-discrimination.

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