SYLLABUS: Socio – Political Philosophy

  • Equality, Freedom And Justice As Socio-political Ideals And Their Philosophical Meaning.
  • Concept Of Sovereignty Of Bodin, Austin, Laski And Kautilya In The Present Aspect.
  • Rights, Duties And Accountability As Relation Between Individual And State.
  • Monarchy, Theocracy And Democracy As Forms Of Government And Democracy As “Life Style”.
  • Anarchism, Marxism And Socialism As Political Ideologies And Their Philosophical Dimensions.
  • Conceptual Study Of Humanism, Secularism And Multi-culturalism In Contemporary World.
  • Corruption, Mass Violence, Genocide And Capital Punishment Under Crime And Punishment.
  • Status Of Development And Social Progress Have We Actually Done The Progress?
  • Female Foeticide, Land-property Rights And Empowerment Of Women.
  • Gandhi And Ambedkar On Caste Discrimination.

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