SYLLABUS: History and Problems of Philosophy (Western and Indian)

  • Idealism Of Plato And His Impact On Whole Western Philosophy.
  • Aristotle’s Scientific Theory Of Causation, Matter And Form.
  • Mathematical Philosophy Of Rationalist Like Descartes, Spinoza And Leibnitz.
  • In Empiricist School The Philosophy Of Locke, Berkeley And Hume.
  • The Critical Philosophy Of Kant And Comparison With Vedanta Philosophy.
  • Hegel’s Absolute Idealism And Dialectic.
  • The Turner Of Western Philosophy G.e. Moore And His Neo Realism.
  • Russell’s Analytical And Mathematical Philosophy.
  • Linguistic Philosophy Of Early And Later Wittgenstein.
  • Logical Positivism As The Philosophical Revolution Of 20th Century And It’s Verification Principle & Elimination Of Metaphysics.
  • Phenomenology Of Husserl And Avoidance Of Psychologism.
  • Existentialism Of Kierkegaard, Sartre And Heidegger.
  • Radical Empiricism Of Quine.
  • Strawson’s Theory Of Basic Particulars And Person.

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